World’s First Usage of Video in Motorcycle Sales

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Technology

11Sight, which has served many leading companies in the automotive industry to date, is now in the motorcycle industry with Piaggio Group!

QR Codes for Motobike Sales


In the Motobike Istanbul 2020 exhibiton, where 99,231 visitors met with 255 exhibitors, Piaggio Group used 11Sight’s technology for the first time in the world to make instant video calls with motorcycle buyers.

Piaggio, which started its journey by supplying the shipbuilding industry, is an innovative company that has made significant contributions to all sectors in the field of transportation from railway to airline. Piaggio, which was engraved in our minds with the tools and the brands it has created, has brought innovation to the sector again by using video calls at Motobike Istanbul 2020 for motorcycle sales for the first time in the world.

piaggio-motobike-salesThanks to the QR codes placed at the bottom of the sign of each product, the customers were able to receive information about the product directly.

In addition, 11Sight QR codes created exclusively for all brand representatives attracted great attention from the visitors.

Thanks to this innovative spirit, Piaggio Group continues to set the pace for other players in the industry. Call us to experience professional one-click video calling:

For information about other usage areas of 11Sight, visit the “Verticals” page of our website.

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