World Health Organization Uses Online Training to Fight the New Coronavirus

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Technology

The era we live in is all digital. Even though the traditional methods are being used for some specific areas, they are thin on the ground. Communication is digital. Sales of everyday products, cars, real estate are digital. Education is digital. And now health services are gradually becoming digital. Here’s a brilliant example of online education combined with health services:


World Health Organization (WHO) uses online training as a weapon to fight the new coronavirus.


WHO experts have prepared videos to explain how to detect, prevent, respond to and control the new coronavirus. The online training has reached more than 25,000 people in 10 days.


The platform was named and it was established 3 years ago for such emergencies. The training is currently being produced in all official UN languages.


Video calls are being used in such medical occasions. It’s beneficial for everyone; especially for those who are not able to leave from where they are. Plus, when there’s an emergency or when it’s dangerous for the doctor or nurse to approach the sick person; video helps.

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