Real Estate in the Digital Age

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Technology

Real Estate in the Digital Age

As the World becomes more and more digital, so does house hunting. Today there are applications that let buyers search homes by location, neighborhoods or other features. This takes the competition to a much higher level because buyers can compare every house to another. What’s more, they don’t even have to contact the realtor to do so. It’s because reaching the realtor didn’t use to be as easy as one-click. 11Sight allows buyers to reach realtors with one-click and without any subscription or downloads.

Why do you need to be accessible with 1-click? To explain, we want to share some highlights from Real Estate in a Digital Age 2019 Report prepared by National Association of Realtors. If you don’t prefer to read, give us a 1-click call.

According to the research, a typical buyer searches for properties online via mobile devices. Detailed information about the property and the buying process are the most expected features of a real estate website.

All respondents search for more information online about their potential homes, and mostly, they prefer asking others’ opinion about the neighborhood, process or the property itself. With 11Sight’s 1-click high quality video calls, you can give the information they’ve been searching at first hand. The survey conducted within the scope of this research shows that, 35% of the respondents want to see other CRM tools as an additional technology provided by their broker.


As the chart above shows clearly; home buyers prefer online websites more than all other methods when searching. Online video sites are emerging and according to the emergence of video, they are soon to be in the first 3 of this list.

Use of video marketingThe next chart is a proof of the emergence of Video Marketing. 38% of the respondents of “Technology Survey 2018” use video marketing in their business and 32% hope to use in the future.

11Sight’s technology is one of its kind, and it’s being used in many different sectors. It’s easy to use and it takes less than 5 minutes to integrate into your website. Are you curious about the technology? Contact us to find out how we can work together.