Can You Video Call Without a Phone Number?

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Technology

Video calls have become more common than ever in the age of COVID-19, as people use them to stay in touch with loved ones, hold work meetings, and attend online classes. There are several popular apps out there such as FaceTime and WhatsApp, but most of these apps have an unfortunate feature: it’s either inconvenient or impossible to use them if you don’t have the recipient’s phone number.

In our daily lives we use these type of apps very often. However, if you are using these apps for sales calls, it’s very hard to track performance of your contacts and sales representatives. Plus, you will need a different app for each occasion. Would you prefer a single solution available on every platform, or different platforms for every contact? Plus, they can video/audio call you without even the need of a phone number.

Let’s see the process from the eyes of customers…

In the case of FaceTime, it is technically possible to use the recipient’s email address instead of phone numbers. However, the process is a little confusing and requires several steps.

Facebook Messenger doesn’t require you to know a phone number, but there’s no way to tell whether anyone is monitoring the company’s Messenger app ready to answer.

Zoom requires you to sign up for an account, then send a link to the recipient, who must have Zoom downloaded to be able to respond.

Skype only allows you to dial your Skype contacts, unless you have Skype Credit or a subscription.


As you can see, most of the available options are less than convenient. However, there is one convenient way to make a video call without needing the recipient’s phone number – or even your own!

As a company, install 11Sight’s one-click voice and video call button on your website, then all your customers have to do is click the “Call Us” button in their browsers.

No need to download an app or sign up for anything –just click the button and choose Video, Audio, or Text to be instantly connected to someone at the company! 11Sight uses end-to-end encryption for complete security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone listening in.

11Sight is by far the easiest video call solution out there, as users don’t need to do anything except click a button on a website to get instant access to a salesperson, technical support, customer service, or whatever else they might need. Installing 11Sight on your company website is as easy as can be.

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