There is an 11Sight solution for every business.

11Sight is your ultimate source for real-time video call technology, service and solutions.

Combine our video call line and meeting room capabilities to create the solution you need.

vCall Team

 Collaborate with your team

vCall Pro

Bring your business to your customers


Maximize productivity with online meeting rooms


A branded instance of our solutions on your dedicated servers
Video Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Online visual engagement creates trust, accelerates sales, and improves customer satisfaction. It is also the key to increase productivity and communication while working with your coworkers online in a world with limited mobility.

vCall Team- Collaborate with your team members

  • Video call your team members with 1-click
  • Always be in touch with them on any device
  • Use 3-way calling; call transfer, forwarding, waiting, recording, …
  • Use screen sharing, on-screen pointing to work together
  • Work just like you are in the same office from anywhere

vCall Pro –

Bring your business to your customers

  • All vCall Team features
  • No downloads, appointments, phone numbers for your customers
  • Integrate a button to your web site, share a URL, print a QR code 
  • Let your customers video call you whenever and wherever they want
  • Up and running in minutes,
    (copy and paste a simple code or use the WordPress plugin)
  • Answer on any device on our apps or on a desktop browser
  • Organizational features – call recording, user management, analytics,
  • Use as Call-To-Action in marketing campaigns
  • CRM integrations

vMeet – Maximize productivity with online meeting rooms

  • Use vMeet rooms as a virtual office
  • Create dedicated or shared offices, or instant rooms
  • Schedule and host online video meetings
  • Secure your rooms with passwords

vBrand – Branded version of our solutions on your servers (CPaaS)

  • Leverage 11Sight’s video expertise
  • Get up an running in weeks
  • Maximize security, even for meetings
  • Integrate video into your business processes
  • Integrate video into your solution offerings
  • Create your own solution packages


Internal ad-hoc video calls
Company directory
Profile management
Screen Sharing
Text/Audio/Video Calls
Call Transfer
3-Way Calling
Device Handoff
Video Mail
Time Management
External ad-hoc video calls
Department video call lines
Video/audio call forwarding
1-Click video call buttons, QR codes, call links
Video/audio call recording

Aliases, trackers, IP blocking

Video conferences with multiple attendees
Company video conference rooms
Personal digital office

vCall Team

vCall Pro



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Operating Systems



Google Chrome



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