Car Rental Sector is the Fastest-Adapter of New Technologies


Video Interaction Platform 11Sight is one of the most preferred technologies in the car rental sector. 11Sight enables customers to easily reach firms’ representatives on video; which helps rental companies to minimize their costs while lowering their carbon footprints. The car rental sector turns out to be one of the fastest integrators of new technologies.

Video Calls Powering Up Sales


11Sight, a visual interaction platform, aims to further expand the vertical sectoral expertise on a global basis. 11Sight Video Interaction Platform enables instant video connection with any person without the need to install an extra application via iOS, Android or web platforms. 11Sight Turkey Country Manager Ercan Gümüş stated that they accelerated the sale of companies from different sectors in this way and added that companies began to interact with customers via the websites and mobile phones after 11Sight.

Video Call Era in Real Estate!


Real Estate in Turkey has taken a whole new identity, says Ercan Gümüş as Turkey’s Country Manager of 11Sight Video Interaction Platform. He says “With the increased prices in real estate, people started to care more about details when buying. The internet is the only but most efficient source of information for customers and it says a lot to investors. Most real estate consultants can reach the customers of real estate companies. That’s why a successful real estate professional must use the technology efficiently.”.

Europcar Will Track Their Cars with 11Sight


Europcar Turkey joined the automotive companies that use 11Sight’s video engagement platform. Europcar Turkey will be able to detect the problems of the cars and solve them quickly. Europcar General Manager Fırat Fidan stated that 11Sight helps car rental companies and car dealerships, and increases customer satisfaction. 11Sight country manager Ercan Gümüş said that Europcar will now be able to  see and evaluate any possible problems in their rental cars instantly and provide solutions.

An international brand consultant from England for 11Sight, who is targeting 5 countries


Aside from the US headquarters, with its England, Dubai, India and Turkey offices, 11Sight will keep growing in the English market with Antonio Marsocci, the founder of Think Positive Agency, who provides consultancy to the international companies in England.

Europcar Turkey has become the first car rental company to use 11Sight


11Sight’s technology keeps helping sales in automotive industry. Click the link to read more…

11Sight is increasing the return of medical tourists up to 3 times

11Sight provides new opportunities to medical companies with its instant video communication technology, without any platform restrictions.

Finans Gündem ;
“The platform that boosts real estate sales; 11Sight”

You can read the interview of our Turkey Country Manager Ercan Gümüş with one of the best economy websites of Turkey, @finansgundem, by clicking the button below. 11Sight keeps working to make life easier for more customers!

Ekotürk , İşte Gündem ;

11 Sight Turkey Country Manager Ercan Gümüş, had an interview on @İş’te Fikir program, about our features, the verticals we perform in and entrepreneurship in Turkey. Click the button below to watch.

Haber Global , Bi Tık Dünya ;
Technological Education Possibilities and Secure Video Calls

What should we be careful about in video communication systems for more secure video calls? What are the history and features of communication technology? What do you know about the future of 5G technology and its areas of use? To get the answers to these questions, click the button below and watch the interview of 11Sight Turkey Country Manager with @Bi Tık Dünya program.

A Para, Teknoloji Çağı ;

11Sight Turkey Country Manager Ercan Gümüş was the guest of @Teknoloji Çağı program on @A Para network. Watch the interview to learn more about 11Sight and the advantages we provide.

Tekno Logic ;
Video communication between the business and the customer with 11Sight

Click the button below to watch the interview of 11Sight Turkey Country Manager on @Technologic website.

Our interview by Volkan Akı from Para Magazine.

Putting the Human Touch Back into Every Interaction with Video Calls


Consumers today may visit a dozen dealerships online, before they pick the one or two dealers they do visit in person. The time to capture them is when they are still researching. But building the same kind of personal relationship with a customer online is exceedingly difficult.

Thrive, Not Just Survive


New technologies are changing the world of dealerships and OEMs. Digital transformation has changed the world of selling and servicing automobiles. Buyers are now more educated than ever, spending only 20 percent of their total shopping time at the dealership, including the paperwork and sales processes.

Make Every Customer Interaction Count

December 2018

Buying a car is the 2nd most expensive decision for most people; the decision requires a TRUSTED relationship; it requires premium service. In the internet era, Video Chat is the first step in building the trust and creating a seamless customer journey by focusing on the end-to-end buying experience.

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