May I Help You?

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Do you ask this question to your customers? Well, you’d better not.

 Because when you ask if they need help, it might give the impression that something is wrong with your product or worse, them.

 The customers of today are much different than before. Millennials and born-digital Gen Z expect more than help. They need experiences, personalized services, instant actions.

Give them what you have, and if you don’t have what they need, find it. The competition in all industries has been harsh and it’s gaining power every day. Sad truth, but it is what it is.



We must change the ways we do business, which most of us have already done. The world’s economy is going down because of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to stay “alive” in this chaos, let’s change our approaches. Customer experience plays a great role in this survival.

Here are some other ways that enhance the customer experience with only words:


  • “Can I show you around?”

A website is usually a little bit more complicated than a store. Pave the way for your customers on their journey and never let them miss a point you’d like to put forward.


  • “Is there anything that catches your interest?”

What do you do when a customer asks to see a specific product? You show them products they’re asking for. So do the same thing on the web. The only difference, since you cannot see them visually, is to ask their interest first.


  • “It’s great to see you here, what brings you around?”

The customer “experience” includes emotions too. Show your customers that they are special and cared, so that they can be comfortable to ask further information.


Remember, always ask some questions to get answers, because you want to meet your customers, and they are not willing to tell about themselves. So, you should ask the right questions to understand their interests and provide better experience.


Another hot point is personalization. If you say “I’m here to help” and leave your precious customer in the hands of bots, think again. No matter if the question is general or unique, respond your customers by yourself. So that they won’t be just another person in line, they will be the VIP.


Your service should be fast enough to keep up with the speed of the digitalizing world’s customers.  The steps must be precise enough to get things done. A solution like 11Sight can help your customers reach you with 1-click without any downloads or subscriptions. Why not try the 1-click solution for the video support service free for 1 month?


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