Engage your team and customers
in your virtual office

11Sight vOffice Solution is at your service to adapt the new normal/world!

What’s Included?

vCall Team

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vCall Pro

Frictionless video calls for your customers


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Your office, showroom and frontdesk in the cloud

Combine all three products into one seamless experience.

Create your flexible, virtual office.

Get video call lines and private offices for team members, add meeting rooms, even a front desk. With a Front Desk, you can;

Have an individual to answer calls and then decide who to forward the call to

Ability to auto-forward to multiple team members, for any of them to answer the call

A Few Simple Steps, Plenty of Opportunities


Define touchpoints with customers and employees


Pick the number of team members, meeting rooms and front desks


Confirm service features by consulting an 11Sight expert


Start engaging with customers instantly with your virtual office

  • Conference rooms that all team members can share
  • A virtual front desk
  • Policy configuration such as work hours, call recording, call forwarding
  • Performance tracking measures
  • 4-Level Hierarchy to realize the organizational structure
  • Publicize video call lines, rooms on the several platforms
  • Optional integration into IT back-ends, especially CRMs

Your customers will get;

  • One-click, no download instant access to the representative
  • Virtual engagement without friction
  • Ad hoc or appointment-based calls
  • A better understanding of your products and services
  • Quick onboarding