Güvenlik ve Gizlilik


11Sight is providing an end-to-end secure communication channel based on TLS/SRTP. We are compliant with IETF RFC3711. We are encrypting all information (voice, real-time video, text, pictures, videos taken during the call) that is exchanged between the caller and callee.

Furthermore, since we are providing peer-to-peer connection, our servers are not in the middle of the communication stream and hence there is no vulnerability in the system, i.e., we are not decrypting the real-time stream in our servers.

It is important to note that no one can eavesdrop or record the video or voice call that is happening between parties aside from the callee. Caller can get a copy of the information, if they are a subscriber.


11Sight information gathering and storage closely follows General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All call information belongs to the callees’ organizations and can be copied and deleted from our servers at their request. We are providing standard RESTful API for an organization to port all meta data pertaining to their calls to their own servers.

Since callers can be anonymous, they have certain amount of time after the call is ended to receive in-call information gathered by the system, i.e, pictures and videos taken, texts exchanged, etc.


An organization can request at rest encryption of all meta data that belongs to them or they can port the information to their own servers and delete them from our servers.


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