Organizasyon Oluşturma ve Yönetme

Adım 1:

  • Your existing users are displayed under “Users“ tab.
  • Here you can manage the organizations and create new ones.
  • You can filter the user list and export a report.
  • You can click “Dashboard” to go to that organization’s dashboard to create more users in that organization and manage it.

Click here to learn more about the organization dashboard.


Adım 2:

  • To create a new organization, click “New Organization”.

  • Fill out the form to create your new organization and its owner’s account and click “Create Organization” button.
  • You will see two options for “Payment Status”:
    • Trial User: These organizations will not be charged.
    • Reseller Managed: 11Sight will bill you for these organizations.


Adım 3:

  • To edit a new organization, click “Edit”.

  • Here you can edit the organization’s “Name” and “Max User Count”.
  • You can use the CRM fields to organize them for your reporting purposes.
  • You can enable or disable call recording, caller validation and ADF emails.



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