Google MyBusiness Gönderilerinde 11Sight Arama Linki

What is Google My Business?

  • With a Google My Business account, you can advertise your business’ basic information such as phone number, address, open hours, etc.

  • You can also publish posts about your deals. These will be shown automatically when a customer searches for your business on Google. 

1. Create a Tracker Link


Before using your 11Sight video call link in a post, we suggest creating a tracker link. A tracker link has the information of the origin of the call. To do so:

  • Go to, click Login and login as your Sales account. (You should use your sales account so that it will be forwarded to all of your sales personnel.)
  • Click the Settings icon on the top right and go to Trackers tab.
  • Under the title “Create Call Link Tracker”, create a tracker called “Google” or anything you may find suitable.
  • Find the newly created tracker on the “Existing Trackers” table and copy its “Call URL”.


    2. Use the Tracker Link in a Post


    • Go to your Google My Business account’s Posts page and click “Add Update” button.
    • Upload an image and write your post.
    • Add a button. You can use any one of “Book”, “Order online”, “Buy”, “Learn more”, or “Sign up”.
    • Paste your link in the “Link for your button” field and publish your post.
    • When a customer clicks that link on Google, it will start a video call and your sales personnel will see that the call is coming from Google.

    Kısa URL'ler ve Takipçili QR Kodlar

    What is a Short URL?

    • Go to the “Trackers” tab in your Settings page.
    • We provide you 3 different short URLs to use. You can simply share any of these links anywhere for people to be able to reach you.
    • You can choose what each link does; profile link, video call, audio call or texting link.

    What is a QR Code?


    • We provide you two different QR Codes which include a profile link and a direct video call link.
    • When scanned, they will open the link in a browser on your phone.
    • These can be used to receive video calls on any kind of printed media.
      • Business cards
      • Flyers, brochures, mailers
      • Newspaper / magazine ads etc.

    Using Trackers with a Short URL


    • You can create a tracker for your call links where you can track how many times each link was clicked on.
    • You will see the tracker name on your incoming call screen and call details. We also provide you a list of your tracker usage on your welcome page.
    • To create a tracker; imply type in a tracker id, which can be any text you want and add an optional description.
    • To use the tracker you created, select a domain prefix and we will automatically give you the links in the table below.
    • You can choose to use a “Call URL” for direct video calls or “Profile URL” to show your 11Sight profile page before a call.

    Using Trackers with a QR Code


    • You can create a tracker for your QR codes where you can track how many times a call was made by scanning a QR code that has a tracker ID.
    • For example; you want to create 2 different QR codes, one of them is for your business card and the other one is for your email signature.
    • You can check how many times a call was made by scanning each QR code.
    • To use an existing tracker with a QR Code, simply select the tracker next to the QR Code title and download the updated QR Codes, either a direct video call or a profile link.