Test the system and see it work by calling yourself

Step 1:

To start enter your username and password to login into 11Sight at app.11sight.com from your desktop or laptop using your Chrome browser – make sure it has a camera.

Step 2:

When you first login you will see the call history page. Once you have made calls you will see your call history here. Make sure you are logged into the 11Sight App on whichever devices you want to receive the call from. If you are logged into more than one device, all will ring and you can answer any device.

Step 3:

To find your profile page, click on Profile on the upper left hand corner of your screen. This is your profile that others will see. You can edit it and populate with additional information about you and your business.

Step 4:

Click the Video-call button to make a test call to yourself.

Step 5:

Here’s what it looks like when you receive a call in 11Sight.Right side shows iPhone and left side shows the Android phone ringing.

Click the green button to answer the test call from yourself.

Step 6:

The call history page has a log of all the calls. If the calls in your call history are with other 11Sight members, you can initiate calls to them by just clicking on their 11 Call Button in your call history page.

Step 7:

You can edit your profile by clicking on profile tab then selecting edit profile.

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