Custom CNAMEs

Step 1:

  • Go to your web hosting provider and add subdomain of your choice to your dns configuration and forward to
  • The dns record should be selected as CNAME, select TTL of your choice, value of redirect should be

Step 2:

  • Go to the Btn Config tab in your Organization Dashboard and scroll down to find the Custom CNAME section.
  • Enter the same record for the subdomain of your choice that you set in Step 1.
  • Upload a favicon of your choice to be displayed in the page title.
  • Select the users that you want to assign this custom domain to, set the full URL, and set the page title.
  • Click “Save”.

Step 3:

Visit one of the new paths you’ve created to test the system and start a video call.

NOTE: The number of paths you can create depends on your subscription. Upgrade your subscription if you need more paths.


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