Adding Meeting Links To Your Scheduling Tools

Adding Meeting Links to Your Scheduling Tool

You can add vMeet links to your favorite scheduling tools, so that all new events have your Virtual Office or Conference Room as its address.

First, copy the meeting link from the vMeet Dashboard in 11Sight.

Then navigate to your scheduling tool and follow the steps below.




  1. From your Home page, select the event.
  2. Expand the Confirmation Page section.
  3. Click Add Custom Link, enter a name for the link, the URL (web address, e.g. ””), then click Add.
  4. To add additional links, repeat Step 3.
  5. Click Save & Close.

  1. Navigate in your booking page settings to Notification > Calendar Events.
  2. In the section Event Location, select Set Location to add the meeting link you copied from the vMeet Dashboard.



  1. Click on the settings button from the compose bar or click the settings tab in the Groove app and scroll down to the Scheduler portion.
  2. From the Meeting Types click on edit for the meeting you would like to add your meeting link to.
  3. Add the URL you copied from the vMeet Dashboard to the Location section.
  4. Click SAVE.


HubSpot Sales Hub

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Sales > Meetings.
  2. Hover on the meeting you would like to add the meeting link to and click on Edit.
  3. In the Location section paste the meeting link you copied from the vMeet Dashboard.
  4. Click on Save on the bottom.



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