Video Calls and Customer Satisfaction

von | Jul 24, 2020 | Technology

In today’s digital world, customer experience is changing rapidly. Customer experience is at the forefront when it comes to the selection of brands and businesses. Businesses that care about the user experience generally want to engage with their customers interactively and personally. At this point, communication channels such as video calling applications come into play.

The ease of use in a rapidly evolving world is of great importance to all technology users. Customers expect businesses to be extremely attentive to them and answer their questions quickly. Businesses now use video calling platforms to increase customer satisfaction and build trust in the brand to achieve customer support in a reliable and good way.

With video calling, the aim is to create good customer experience in existing businesses, and provide faster solutions to customers with fewer contact points. Instead of using channels such as email, phone and text, video calls have become a quick, easy and productive solution.

Voice and video calling technology is the perfect option for the customer experience today. 11Sight gives voice and video calling support for your customers, giving your customers an accurate and easy access.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Video Calls

Participation in video calls is one of the most popular technologies businesses have implemented to raise the customer experience standard. With video chats, the business understands the customer better, while the customer can easily explain their problem. In this case, the customer’s confidence in the brand is developing in a fast and positive direction. Study shows that; video chat satisfaction rate is 73%, compared to 61% for email and 44% for the phone. In this case, we clearly see how important video calls are to customer satisfaction.

Video calls have become a proactive channel for customer satisfaction by offering customers full-time solutions. The reason is that it quickly solves the problems that occur, responds directly to contact requests and provides tailored, personalized solutions to customers.

If you want to take advantage of voice and video calling solutions with 11Sight, build trust for your brand, and show your customers that you care about them, contact us with one click! Stay tuned for more of our articles!