11Sight One Click Video Service Description and Legal Documents


11Sight provides a one-click video interaction solution which is similar to an 800 number that includes video interaction. Our (paying) Members can accept 11-Calls that can be originated with One-Click from a Browser (what we call the In-Browser-Client or IBC) or our Native Applications. Callers do not have to be Members, i.e. calls can be initiated by anyone; hence we differentiate between Users (anyone using the service, e.g. Anonymous Callers) and Members (e.g. Service Providers).

11Sight’s platform goes beyond just the discrete 11-Calls, but provides a rich set of configurable capabilities, such as i) 11-Buttons to manage when, where, and how a Service Provider can be accessed, ii) the recording, storage, and management of Call-Images and Call-Videos during an 11 -Call, iii) the storage and management of the Call History iv) the management of Profile Pages.

When describing our services, we use the terminology in the following document: 11Sight Service Description

We apologize for the circular nature of some of our terminology definitions, in fact, we have already used some of these terms in the above description. In the above document, we present them both in a logical and alphabetical order.


You can find our Terms of Service: 11Sight Terms of Service

You can find our Privacy Policy here: 11Sight Privacy Policy