Using the on-screen pointing feature

Step 1:

Make or answer a call from your 11Sight app or browser.

Step 2:

If you are using a phone, it will initially show the rear-facing camera of both phones in the video feed.

To switch the video, click or touch the swap icon on the lower left area of your screen. If you are on a computer, you can do this by clicking your mouse. If you have a touch screen tablet or phone, you can do this by tapping the icon with your finger.

Step 3: (if needed)

There’s always a main screen and a small screen. If you want to change the small screen to the main screen, touch or click on it and the screens will trade places. If you are showing something specific to the other person, you’ll want the camera that is showing the focus of the call to be the main screen.

Step 4:

To point out specific areas to the other party, simply touch the screen in the location where you want to create a dot if you are using a touch screen device. Or, if you are using a computer, click the spot you want to point out with your curser. Both people have the ability to point out specific locations to each other, creating dots on the screens. The dots will fade away after a few seconds.

Step 5:

The person pointing something out will see their dots in red, and they’ll see dots from the other person as green.


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