User Management

Step 1:

  • An organization owner has full access to the organization’s users and settings. Each organization can only have one organization owner that cannot be changed.
  • An organization manager can do all the operations an owner can do except:
    1. Manage an organization owner
    2. Change the access level of an organization owner
  • To make those changes first go to your organization dashboard by clicking “Organization Dashboard” in the top menu of your dashboard.


Step 2:

  • Existing users are displayed under “Users“ tab.
  • Here you can manage the users in your organization.


Step 3:

  • To add a new user, click “New User”.

  • You can also click “Import Users” to create multiple users at once.


Step 4:

  • To change a user’s password and / or update their profile, click that user’s “Edit User” link.


Step 5:

  • User roles can be changed from here. (Regular user or Organization Manager)

  • Profile links, photos and business logos can also be changed here.


Step 6:

  • To see a user’s call history, simply click “See Calls” link next to that user.

  • Alternatively, you can go to the “Calls” tab, select the user and click “See User Calls” button.


Step 7:

  • Click “Show Profile” to see a user’s profile page.

  • Click “Edit Button” to change a user’s button settings.
  • Click “Edit Schedule” to change a user’s weekly availability schedule.
  • Click “See Button Styles” to manage a user’s buttons.

Please click here to learn more about the buttons and their implementation. 


Step 8:

Here you can click;

  • See Embed Code” to get the code of a button
  • Create New Button Style” to create a new button to that user
  • Edit“, “Delete“, “Test” or “Duplicate” an existing button



Step 9:

  • To change a user’s current availability status, click on “Make Available/Make Unavailable” link.
  • To revoke the access of an organization user (to delete the user), click “Revoke Access” link.




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