Necessary Ports to Establish Video Calls

Our Server Addresses

11Sight native applications and WebApp requires several servers to function. These are:

  1. WebApp Server: Serves WebApp and the necessary connections for clients
  2. Sip Server: Helps the video and audio get established
  3. Stun/Turn Server: fallback for audio / video establishment


Relevant Ports and Their Functions

List of ports and short functionality that need to be enabled: 

1. WebApp Server:

Port ID Functionality
80 http
443 https
53 DNS

2. Sip Server:

Port ID Functionality
5060, 5061, 7880, 7881 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

3. Stun/Turn Server:

Port ID Functionality
3478, 3479, 3480, 3481 Stun/Turn

What You Need to Do

These ports need to be available in / out and TCP / UDP in the firewall of the network for our serves to be able to establish and maintain video / audio / text calls.



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