Availability and Greetings

Step 1:

  • Navigate to the Button Tab in the Settings page.
  • Once there, you will see “Availability”.
  • You can quickly change your availability by switching the Current Status on and off. You will see the same switch on the home page as well.


    Step 2:

    • Click “Change” under the availability schedule.
    • Here you can choose to be unavailable to receive any calls by switching the availability off for a certain day of the week.
    • You can choose a “Start” and an “End” time for your available hours for each day.
    • You can also choose to be available “24 Hours” on certain days.

    Step 3:

    • Navigate to Greeting tab under Settings.
    • You will see 2 different Greetings; “Available Hours” and “Unavailable Hours”.
      • Available Hours greeting will be shown to the caller when you miss or reject a call.
      • Unavailable Hours greeting will be shown to the caller when they call you during your unavailable hours.


    Step 4:

    • Click “Create” button for any of the greetings.
    • You will see 3 different options:
      • Text message: Callers will see a text message.
      • Youtube video id: Callers will see a YouTube video with the ID you define. Copy and paste only the video ID part of the link. For example:
      • Video message: You will have the options to Record a video or Upload a video from your device.
        • Video recording only works on Google Chrome.


      Step 5:

      • Click “Record / Upload” button to record a new video or upload an existing video.
      • You can record a video by clicking ”Start” button.
      • Or you can choose to upload an existing video under “Upload Greeting” section.


        Step 6:

        • Your callers will see a screen like this.
        • Test it here!



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