Advantages of Video Conferencing for Companies

Advantages of Video Conferencing for Companies

Throughout this past year, most companies had to transition their team meetings, business meetings and interviews (if they were lucky enough to be hiring) to online video conferencing solutions from in person ones.

Video conferencing became an indisputable and sometimes intrusive part of our lives when we took our work home with us. Knowing that we help flatten the curve makes things easier at times, but it may end up not knowing what you did with your day as meetings may become more frequent and less productive.

Still switching your meetings entirely to video may not be as bad as you thought. Here’s the reasons why…

Enable a Digital Workforce

Switching to video conferencing permanently can save both you and your team time from spending hours commuting everyday to an office space you have to pay thousands of dollars for, not to mention that you will enable thousands of disabled individuals.

You can allocate commuting time to daily activities and exercises which will boost your team’s morale and motivation.

There is a brief adjustment period due to common side effects such as not having to wake up so early and having too much time in your hands all of a sudden.

But in all seriousness, after the adjustment period you will start noticing that your team’s productivity has increased as they will look forward to completing their workload to get on with their daily activities.

The biggest challenge in all this is to keep your team from falling victim to what is beginning to be known as “Zoom fatigue”.

Too many meetings that are way too accessible, cause them to become redundant and unproductive. While Zoom hasn’t really addressed this by a change in features, 11Sight enables you to see how many minutes you have left in each meeting and take action notes during and after.

After the meeting you get back to what matters the most; a picture of a loved one or an aspiration. I like seeing my family after my meetings to take a moment to slow down and contemplate. 11Sight is designed to keep productivity high and mental health prime.

Create a Universal Company Culture

Being timeless and universal are no longer a concern for artists and global giants like Amazon and Coca-Cola. The globalized market is here and it’s not stopping.

Creating a mobile, flexible and adaptive culture for employees is the most common practice for a business that aims to take advantage of the globalized market.

Video conferencing has an unrivaled advantage of bringing employees and businesses together, due to its ability to build instant trust and reliability. You can give each member of your team a virtual office and hold meetings in conference rooms.

11Sight’s virtual office structure mimics a physical office to ensure a smoother transition. Besides, you will be able to receive calls to your office from anywhere in the world, expanding your reach from a brick and mortar to the depths of the global network. Get more information about our products at:

Exhibitions of the New World

Exhibitions of the New World

Do you remember the last time you have been to a global exhibition?


There were probably so many people from all over the world, all dressed up and ready to meet their next global partners. Company representatives meeting each other, but also competing to be the best and most interesting booth in the hall…

This picture seems far away from what we are facing today.


Almost 4,000 fairs and exhibitions worldwide that were planned for 2020, had to go virtual, be cancelled or postponed. Even though most people prefer the first option, today’s virtual exhibitions are more friendly to companies, to visitors and to the environment.

Let’s look at this changing situation from different perspectives. Here are our ideas on pros and cons of virtual fairs:

For companies

Pros: Global fairs and exhibitions are great places to meet new people in person, but it takes a lot of time and money to participate in one. Online exhibitions cost less than half of the cost of the traditional fairs and reach out to much more people.

Cons: Nothing can replace a face-to-face contact, or having a coffee together. The first impression is very important when obtaining customers. In traditional fairs you can impress people with your fancy booth, promotional products and experienced salesperson. To get the most out of the virtual fairs, all you can do is to provide an easy way to let people video call you.

For visitors

Pros: There are plenty of exhibitions all around the world, but visitors need a lot of time to visit all. Virtual exhibitions make it possible to visit one exhibition each day, no matter where they are. And it’s much more budget-friendly.

Cons: Just as with the companies, face-to-face contact makes the experience more memorable and efficient. In virtual fairs, some visitors may find it hard to video call all companies’ representatives one by one. But with a well-planned customer journey and customer friendly applications, fairs can be much more effective.

For the environment

Pros: Cars, planes, buses will carry thousands of people to a single location, during at least 3 days. In addition to the visitors, companies have to carry their equipment and transport their employees. The hall must have a good air conditioning system, which is harmful to the environment too. In fact, almost every aspect of traditional fairs may turn out as pollution of air, water, light and noise.

Cons: None. Virtual fairs make absolutely no pollution to the environment. They are clean, fast and easy organizations.

For these virtual organizations to be successful and effective, organizers must adapt to the new needs of companies and visitors.

By creating a good customer journey and finding the solution to introduce people to each other easily, virtual fairs will become the new normal in the future.

11Sight is a one-click video call application that requires only a device with a camera and a browser. No downloads, no sign-ups. Try it free:

Can You Video Call Without a Phone Number?

Can You Video Call Without a Phone Number?

Video calls have become more common than ever in the age of COVID-19, as people use them to stay in touch with loved ones, hold work meetings, and attend online classes. There are several popular apps out there such as FaceTime and WhatsApp, but most of these apps have an unfortunate feature: it’s either inconvenient or impossible to use them if you don’t have the recipient’s phone number.

In our daily lives we use these type of apps very often. However, if you are using these apps for sales calls, it’s very hard to track performance of your contacts and sales representatives. Plus, you will need a different app for each occasion. Would you prefer a single solution available on every platform, or different platforms for every contact? Plus, they can video/audio call you without even the need of a phone number.

Let’s see the process from the eyes of customers…

In the case of FaceTime, it is technically possible to use the recipient’s email address instead of phone numbers. However, the process is a little confusing and requires several steps.

Facebook Messenger doesn’t require you to know a phone number, but there’s no way to tell whether anyone is monitoring the company’s Messenger app ready to answer.

Zoom requires you to sign up for an account, then send a link to the recipient, who must have Zoom downloaded to be able to respond.

Skype only allows you to dial your Skype contacts, unless you have Skype Credit or a subscription.


As you can see, most of the available options are less than convenient. However, there is one convenient way to make a video call without needing the recipient’s phone number – or even your own!

As a company, install 11Sight’s one-click voice and video call button on your website, then all your customers have to do is click the “Call Us” button in their browsers.

No need to download an app or sign up for anything –just click the button and choose Video, Audio, or Text to be instantly connected to someone at the company! 11Sight uses end-to-end encryption for complete security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone listening in.

11Sight is by far the easiest video call solution out there, as users don’t need to do anything except click a button on a website to get instant access to a salesperson, technical support, customer service, or whatever else they might need. Installing 11Sight on your company website is as easy as can be.

Contact us for a free demonstration!

What to Sell Online?

What to Sell Online?

The world has been going through a lot. We’ve been struggling with climate crisis and economic uncertainty when the pandemic showed up. But this pandemic is a lot more important than the others. The Covid-19 disease has locked down millions of people in their homes. But life must go on, and we were lucky enough to have developed the technologies that can let us work and socialize from home.

Some products such as consumer goods, clothes or technological devices were already being sold online. But products with higher volumes like real estate or home appliances and health/education services were not able to continue their life cycles online. The pandemic has fueled up a new sales method: Remote Sales.

Video calling is an easily adoptable option to sell remotely. To keep track of potential customers and provide this service in a professional way, 11Sight is a good alternative to everyday apps like WhatsApp, Zoom and others. 11Sight provides video calls with one click. The customer doesn’t have to share their personal information or download any apps. You put a button or a link on a website and they call you instantly.

What to Sell Online?

Unique & Second-hand Products: Selling new and standard products online is easy, because the consumers already know what they will look like. But selling unique products can be hard without letting the customer touch and feel the product. Provide an instant glimpse of the product with instant video calls.

Furniture: Furniture sales is a long process. Customers would like to see all the details and sizes of the furniture in detail. Let the customers connect with one click and see the magic of visual communication.

Real Estate: If you are a realtor and locked down in your home due to Covid-19, you might have been unemployed for a while. 11Sight’s oneclick video call can help you show homes with the click of a button.

Telehealth: Health is the most sensitive issue of this era. Either for psychological or physical diseases, reaching a doctor whenever we need is essential. As a healthcare professional, 11Sight’s peer-to-peer encrypted secure video calls is what you need to let patients reach you online. Be where they are, provide your expertise and cure diseases.

Education: Everything starts with education. If you are a professional in education and want to provide expertise to your students from all ages on a safe and 1-to-1 platform, see our plans and get a free demo.

How to Sell Online?

We are providing our technological expertise for you to help you move forward in your business with digital methods. Contact us live with one click and let us build your business solutions tailored for you. If you’d like to have more information, read this blog post: 

Or, just call us: 

Online vs. Physical Customer Journey

Online vs. Physical Customer Journey

Customer Journey Maps are narrative stories that allow you to see how a customer can use your product, how they will engage with your product, and how your product can provide benefit for them. Having a true and acceptable customer story allows us to find the most logical solutions for our problems.

Standard Titles, Unique Experiences

There is a general standard for creating a Customer Journey map but all journeys are unique. Creating a Customer Journey map is not easy because each stage of your e-commerce customer journey must be taken care of and personalized. You should analyze your audience well and personalize their experience, so that you will increase your engagement rate and cart size, and eventually get more loyal customers.

What you need to stay focused on is the fact that each step (touchpoint) should be optimized to put your customers at the center of the process, making their experience unique.

There are 4 main branches that we need to follow in order to create a Customer Journey; Awareness & Consideration, Decision, Delivery & Use, Loyalty & Advocacy. Every title must be considered in terms of customer & businesses’ own goals and activities as well as all touchpoints.

Let’s have a look at these titles in detail:

 Awareness & Consideration

  1. In the first two stages, your customers will be in a discovery period. They will look for the fastest way to reach the service they want with communication tools in various categories.

At this stage, what we need to do is to organize your online tools well and try to capture a quality interaction with the customer. 11Sight can help you engage live with the touch of a button. A video calling service can give you a great competitive advantage amongst your rivals.



At this stage, your customers will make a decision among the products they find, based on their detailed comparative search. At this stage, what you need to do is to reveal what kind of difference you have from similar products. Your customer service quality is one of the main aspects that customers might consider when deciding.

Delivery & Use 

After making a decision, e-shoppers want to quickly reach the product they prefer. That’s why you need to make sure that your product is delivered to the customer quickly. At the same time, since you will still be in one-to-one communication with the customer at this stage, you can also offer similar product recommendations. With 11Sight’s one-click video engagement platform, you can make these recommendations in-person and help customers shop with larger carts.

Loyalty & Advocacy

Once your customer is pleased with the experience on your e-commerce website, they will be willing to come back for more. If they can engage with a real sales representative in advance, you can build instant trust and you can turn your customers into loyal advocates. They will be confident enough to order more from your store and tell their friends about the experience.

To conclude, to build a modern and digital customer journey, you need to be where your customers are. Probably we will be more and more inactive by time, because online services are easy and very fast to achieve. If you are a product or service provider, you should consider adopting a digital solution to get ready for the all-digital era. Try our solution today:


8 Most Popular Virtual Selling Mistakes

8 Most Popular Virtual Selling Mistakes

Before the pandemic, face-to-face events and meetings were a very important interaction point for sellers. Now, with the effect of the pandemic, we started to move every interaction to online platforms. Therefore, the importance of online meeting platforms and the meetings held here have increased greatly in our lives. A survey conducted by RAIN Group in June 2020 shows that buyers find some points of the online sales processes more challenging than offline flows.

RAIN Group found that buyers faced a large group of issues when being served. Most of the respondents (89%) referred to “experiencing technology problems” as a main virtual selling mistake.

Jillian Ryan, eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence says: “Sellers have a more unique challenge during this time than their marketing counterparts, as engaging in conversations with buyers depends not just on best practices of stakeholder and company research, but also connecting with the individual person. And during this pandemic, every person is experiencing their own unique struggle”.

According to this research, almost 8 out of 10 vendors attended sales meetings with poor visual presentations. In addition, the problems that occurred were foreseeable but were not interfered. The presentations that were impromptu and disorderly had made a negative effect on the professional impact of the company.

Another mistake made on virtual selling is allowing distractions such as notifications and other external disturbances, with a percentage of 77%.

These responses indicate that buyers notice the quality of an organization and the level of expertise in virtual platforms of the companies that must adapt to this new normal as remote work continues amid the pandemic.

If you are a sales person, you probably want to reach out to your customers with the least effort. 11Sight comes into your life at this point. Call us for free to boost your performance with a perfect experience with your customers, control tools and indicators tailored for your company!