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Getting online customers in the door is one of the biggest challenges an auto dealer faces today. A common experience goes something like this:

“John” is looking to buy a car.

He finds your dealership online and really likes the Volkswagen that just arrived on the lot. John continues scrolling through the page, looking at the pictures and Carfax report, but then he finally notices that your dealership is TWO hours away from his home!

John doesn’t want to drive all that way without getting a closer look at the car first. Right now, he has the option to call, email, or text chat with you on your website. But for John, seeing is believing, and he doesn’t have time to wait on an email response. So, he decides to just visit a dealer closer to his house instead.

You never talk to John…

Or get the opportunity to convince him to make the trip…

That’s another potential client found – and lost – without you even knowing it.

What can you do to make sure that you don’t lose John and the hundreds of other customers like him?

A 2010 study by Consumer Reports showed that nearly 85% of car buyers are willing to drive more than 20 miles to buy a car. John doesn’t really mind the drive. He just wants to get a closer look – maybe inspect the leather, the extent of some minor dings, or how worn the tires are – and ask you some questions before making that long drive down.

That’s Where 11Sight Comes In

“A lot of our customers are coming to our dealership from far away. With our great new service, 11Sight, we are able to establish a face to face video connection with them easily!” — Alfredo, Hilltop Motor Group

Unlike most chat platforms, 11Sight doesn’t just stop at offering text chat or voice calls. Our comprehensive sales communication solution includes a 1-click video chat feature that makes it easy for you to build an initial relationship with your customers face to face. Now you can show them a car in real time instead of just being limited to calls, texts, or emails!

You get to make your sales pitch, convincing the customer that this is the perfect car for them, and they get to see it from the comfort of their own home. Afterwards, you can invite the customer down to see it in person. In this way, 11Sight helps you turn non-local shoppers like John into actual in-store buyers. The result – more sales and happier customers!

How It Works

With 11Sight, you place a button on your website that lets customers video call you (or text) with 1-click. Unlike Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger, there are NO downloads OR friend invites. The call takes place right in the customer’s internet browser. It’s that easy! Watch this video to see it in action:

Your sales reps can answer on any smartphone or tablet using our exclusive app. 11Sight’s 1-click video chat also has lots of great tools to help you make the pitch as easy as possible – including high quality video, the ability to point to a particular spot on the screen, an option to take photos (not just low-quality screenshots) and record video, analytics, and much more. You can also place your call button in an online banner ad or email, and even embed it in print material as a QR code. Imagine the possibilities!

… Remember John?

Now that you have 11Sight’s 1-click chat, you can establish a connection with him and countless others.

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