Are you a co-working space owner? This offer is for you.

We take the real office experience to the cloud with vOffice: One-click video call lines and virtual office/conference rooms for online meetings.

Our Virtual Office Packages are Great for
New Prospects and/or Existing Tenants

Reward existing tenants with free virtual packages
Sell white-labeled and branded virtual office packages and keep your business going

Pick Your Own Scenario

Existing Tenants

Provide a virtual office to thank existing tenants for their loyalty.

Let them use one-click video calls for internal & external communication

Mirror your office and conference rooms and recreate the physical experience!

Prospective Tenants

Sell branded video call lines, front desks, meeting rooms and virtual offices

Save on traditional Zoom and Webex prices, deliver better value

Expand your audience by customizing your offering

Your Own Business

Integrate one-click live video call buttons and personalize them

Make use of call forwarding, 3-way calling and much more

Let prospective tenants video call you directly

Meet our vOffice Bundle

Select your products to create a tailor-made bundle for your business.

vCall Team

 Arbeiten Sie mit Ihrem Team zusammen

vCall Pro

Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen zu Ihren Kunden


Maximieren Sie die Produktivität mit Online-Meetingräumen


Eine gebrandete Domäne unserer Lösungen auf Ihren eigenen Servern

Remote working is the new normal.

Use 11Sight’s Patent Pending one-click communication tools to generate
leads, collaborate with the team or both!

Be Efficient And Be Productive! 

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