Welcome to the 11Sight Small Business Contest

11Sight’s vCommerce Solution allows for customers anywhere to directly video call Businesses, when they want, with a simple click of a button.

As part of this contest, we want local stores to create a selfie video that talks about them, their community and their business. Based on the video submissions, 11Sight will provide vCommerce tools at no cost to 25 chosen finalists and evaluate the business turnaround after 6 months of usage and determine the top 3 winners.

Small Business vCommerce Story Contest


Phase 1: Selection of the 25 finalists for the vCommerce contest

1. Submit your videos below; Deadline: Nov 15, 2020
2. Introduce yourself, your community and city and your business*
3. Highlight what a Video solution can do for you
4. Focus on vCommerce
* Must be a USA/Canada Entity to participate in this contest

Phase 2: Selection of the Top 3 vCommerce Winners

1. 11Sight will implement its flagship Consumer to Business platform for free and coach business on how to use it for vCommerce
2. Businesses will utilize the tools for free for 5 months
3. Businesses will submit their vCommerce story in Month 6
4. 11Sight will determine the Top 3 vCommerce businesses



 $2000 plus a year’s worth of 11Sight subscription

1st Runner Up

$1000 plus 6 months 11Sight subscription

2nd Runner Up

6 months 11Sight subscription



Upload a video Submit via video call us!

1. Click the button below

2. Fill out the form

3. Upload your video by clicking the “+” sign on the final page


3 Easy Steps:

1. Upload your video to a social network with #vcallpro hashtag

2. Tag 11Sight social profile to your post

3. Follow Us by clicking our profile below


Fill out the form below to join

Upload your video to a cloud solution, make sure we will have access to it and paste the link in the form.