Bringing the Showroom to the Living Room

Bringing the Showroom to the Living Room

Our founder and CEO Aleks Gollu’s article “Bringing the Showroom to the Living Room” was published in Ford Minority Dealers Association‘s 2nd Quarter 2020 newsletter.

The New Sheltered Reality as Covid-19 Hampers Sales

As business gear up to open again this summer, we all know that as science prevails, the cases will peak again in the fall, and there will be a second wave of shut-downs. Even worse, all data shows that, while Europe has flattened the curve, in USA cases remain steady.

In this climate the average car buyer will be reluctant to go out and visit multiple dealerships. Rather, many will prefer to complete the transaction online and have their new car delivered to them.

This means, success for a dealership demands making eye contact with the car buyers online.

Video Call Platforms to Enable Customers to Video-Call a Dealership Online

Today’s car buyer is quite familiar with video calls. Most have celebrated a family relative’s birthday on Zoom.

The needs of a car buyer dictate that they make eye contact with the dealership when and where they want, not after many steps of setting up an appointment or after many a struggle with a chat-bot. The correct solutions enable the car buyer to start a video call with a single click on a link online, or a single scan of a QR-Code in a printed advertising.

Luckily, many vendors, such as Sincro Digital (formerly CDK), Condition Now (inspection reports) have already integrated such video call capabilities into their offerings. Other solution providers are expected to follow suite. Dealers can also ask their vendors when the video call features will become available.

11Sight has been the company that has developed the technology that makes these calls possible.

How to Use Video Calls to Stay in Touch with the Customer Every Step of the Way

The video call is an ideal call to action for many a print and digital marketing campaign.

The relationship starts while the customer is still researching a vehicle. The video call can be about vehicle features, a walk around the vehicle, or about hard to research questions like financing or affordability. During the call, the product specialist can find out the customer’s hot points, buy/lease, new/used preferences; through desktop sharing, configure the exact model and options the customer desires. Even some of the paperwork can start online to accelerate the time to cash.

Past deployments have shown that video-call initiated relationships are 3x more likely to result in a transaction and offer a better experience to both sides.

The relationship is easily maintained throughout the ownership lifecycle.

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Video Calls and Customer Satisfaction

Video Calls and Customer Satisfaction

In today’s digital world, customer experience is changing rapidly. Customer experience is at the forefront when it comes to the selection of brands and businesses. Businesses that care about the user experience generally want to engage with their customers interactively and personally. At this point, communication channels such as video calling applications come into play.

The ease of use in a rapidly evolving world is of great importance to all technology users. Customers expect businesses to be extremely attentive to them and answer their questions quickly. Businesses now use video calling platforms to increase customer satisfaction and build trust in the brand to achieve customer support in a reliable and good way.

With video calling, the aim is to create good customer experience in existing businesses, and provide faster solutions to customers with fewer contact points. Instead of using channels such as email, phone and text, video calls have become a quick, easy and productive solution.

Voice and video calling technology is the perfect option for the customer experience today. 11Sight gives voice and video calling support for your customers, giving your customers an accurate and easy access.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Video Calls

Participation in video calls is one of the most popular technologies businesses have implemented to raise the customer experience standard. With video chats, the business understands the customer better, while the customer can easily explain their problem. In this case, the customer’s confidence in the brand is developing in a fast and positive direction. Study shows that; video chat satisfaction rate is 73%, compared to 61% for email and 44% for the phone. In this case, we clearly see how important video calls are to customer satisfaction.

Video calls have become a proactive channel for customer satisfaction by offering customers full-time solutions. The reason is that it quickly solves the problems that occur, responds directly to contact requests and provides tailored, personalized solutions to customers.

If you want to take advantage of voice and video calling solutions with 11Sight, build trust for your brand, and show your customers that you care about them, contact us with one click! Stay tuned for more of our articles!

The New Normal of Marketing

The New Normal of Marketing

Today’s customers are far more different than how they were before. Think of a person born in the 90s. How many marketing trends has he witnessed? Marketing trends change as people change. Actually it’s not people who are changing. It’s their expectations. 


If you’re familiar with marketing, you have probably heard of the Marketing Mix consisting of 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Even this Mix has evolved over years. 2 more Ps were added to this mix: Process and People, because, as customers, we love being connected and we want to be involved.  Furthermore, the 6Ps have also evolved into something else; 4Es (Experience, Exchange, Evangelism, Everyplace). Forbes contributor Daniel Newman said, “Every experience point is a marketing effort. Taken in that context, everyone in the company becomes a marketer.”


The concept of 4Es makes more sense for the new generation customers, as well as us, customers adapting to the digital world. Es replaced the Ps and there’s more to come. Electronic data-processing analysis, online communications, and search engine systems elevate and bring about the changes in marketing efforts.


Experience packed with Product

Regardless of what you’re selling, providing an experience is a must. Retail industry and the pandemic dual shows us the collapse of physical stores. People don’t have to go to the physical stores and shopping malls to buy stuff. They can compare prices, read reviews and make payments from their mobile phones. Why would they go to the store?


Companies need to focus on both physical and digital experience of customers. Customers want information fast and accessible. Some brands are changing their physical stores with “experience stores” and decreasing the number of employees. They need employees for the digital world too.


Our solution offers 1-click video calls on websites, or even on social media platforms. You share a link or integrate a button and customers can video call your sales or support team from their phones, tablets or computers. Hence, you offer products with a smooth experience and satisfy customers’ needs fast.


Price shifts to Exchange

Values of products and services mean more than money to customers and companies of today. Exchange is the whole value experience in which customers are involved. Starts with the engagement and goes on for a lifetime. Parts of exchange include time, knowledge, emotions and money. Exchange emotions using live communication tools and grow your community.


Evangelism replaces Promotion

When you engage your customers with the digital or physical store, do not only target selling the product. Offer a great experience, make it so great that customers will become evangelists of your brand. Old-school billboards and TV ads don’t work for today’s customers. Satisfy them and watch the word-of-mouth do its part. 


Place is too narrow. Let’s make it Everyplace!

Reach the customers wherever they are. Don’t lose your track, because so much emphasis on technology-enhanced customer interaction can distract companies. Create consequential and unforgettable experience with an integrated mindset.


Have you been thinking of a way to engage with customers and Exchange the Experience at Everyplace to make them your brand Evangelists? We have a quick solution. Check out 11Sight’s free offer and keep up with the digital world!




Confidential Video Calls: The New Normal

Video calls are essential in this global world. You can easily chat with your friends or colleagues on the other side of the world. This modern indispensable tool has millions of fans.


Today’s businesses and customers have a tendency to use video calls as the default communication channel. Because it’s much more customer-oriented and intimate, it’s easy and it increases reliance for both parties. When you rely on telephones for client, vendor or networking calls; there’s something missing.


As 11Sight team, we believe that the missing piece of the modern-day communication maze is emotion. We call it a maze because there are many aspects that need to be considered to have a successful communication. Emotions cannot be transferred through telephones or written channels. But when video is added in this multi-step process, emotions are transferred, call duration is decreased and reliance is increased. What matters is the privacy of these calls, and we got you covered on that.


 There are some ways to keep your private life -more importantly, your personal information- safe while making video calls. Click here to read the article from the Popular Science Magazine, about privacy of video calls.


There are precautions you can take in the physical world, but there is even more than that. Privacy of the app you use is the first thing you should be considering.

We always mention the privacy precautions we take, especially end-to-end encryption. Just like locking the door in the physical world, we lock the door of your confidential 1-to-1 meeting room in the digital world. Not all video calling apps use this feature. We connect businesses with customers and today’s customers are very delicate about their data privacy. Here’s how Mozilla explains end-to-end encryption:


“End-to-end encryption means only those who are part of the call can access the call’s content. No one can listen in, not even the company. Other apps use client-to-server encryption, similar to what your browser does for HTTPS web sites. As your data moves from one point to another, it’s unreadable. Though unlike end-to-end encryption, once your data lands on a company’s servers, it then becomes readable.”


Don’t confuse business confidential video calling apps with the daily life essentials. A small discussion you have with a friend is not as confidential as business calls. 11Sight is a Video Interaction Platform designed for businesses, so it has some in-call and performance tracking features to help businesses grow. Apps you love when talking with friends, should not be used for confidential calls.


If you want to know more about confidential video calls, give us a live call! We will be glad to answer your questions.

Serving all verticals!

Serving all verticals!

Communication has been shaped according to our habits for millions of years. We were using two small rocks to start a fire and communicate. Today, thanks to technology, we use a small button or link to do so. However it may have started, communication has always been natural and as fast as it could be. Since we are humans, we like to share, get feedback and make new connections. 


The case is the same in the business world. As global enterprises or individual businesses, we want to share our emotions and feedback with our shareholders. Today we share our emotions with companies, our colleagues or even strangers just like we do with our acquaintances without a second thought. Sharing emotions and socializing make us feel more important. We, as human beings, all want to become a part of institutions, so the world is shaped accordingly.


11Sight is a video interaction platform to build the bridges between companies / service providers / representatives or any person who wants to communicate with their shareholders in the blink of an eye.


Since 2016, we have been working hard to develop our platform in accordance with the latest technologies in customer experience trends. We have had customers from many industries but there are some that we have become an innovator in, such as automotive and real estate. Automotive companies use 11Sight at their dealerships to bring showrooms to their customers’ living rooms. In a study we conducted with one of our customers, we have proven that video calls double the conversion rates. Also, one-click video chat increases reliance of customers to the brands by 3 times. 


We have over 4000 users worldwide and still counting. Our solution is easy; just implement a short code on your website and start using video communication on every platform. The customer only clicks the button on their phones, tablets or computers and the call starts in their browser. 


Video calls’ usage areas are endless. We have use cases for car dealerships, technology providers, marketing agencies, wealth management and even online therapists. Here are some other use cases: 


  • Service for the hearing-impaired: There are more than 360 million hearing-impaired people around the world and they deserve a good service. You can use 11Sight to let them connect with your sales representatives that can speak sign language. Read our post about this vertical:


  • Medical services: Doctors and psychologists are personal service providers. They need privacy, data security and ease of communication regardless of the platform. That’s what we provide. Clients and experts can safely communicate on our peer-to-peer platform.


  • Legal experts: Privacy and data protection is the most important aspect of legal meetings. 11Sight uses end-to-end encryption to keep the users’ information safe. We provide all necessary legal documents to objectify the secure service.


  • Startups: Guiding users to use the solution is crucial for startups. The first thing they need is to be accessible and understandable. 11Sight provides real time communication with the brand representatives, so that potential customers can get to the nitty gritty of the idea. 


Can’t see your vertical in this list? No problem! 11Sight is a flexible platform that can be shaped according to your needs. Tell us how you’d like to use one click video call and let’s get down to it together! Contact us: or 


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Which video calling app should you use?

Which video calling app should you use?

Video calls are now in our lives more than they have ever been before. Because of the COVID-19, the disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus, the whole world has been in lockdown. We use video calls to connect with our friends and family, to have business meetings, even to shop online. But not every app is suitable for every purpose, we need to use different apps for different purposes.


If you want to host a live stream like a webinar, you need an app where you can initiate a one-way video stream which your audience can tune in to watch, like YouTube live, Instagram live or StreamYard.


If you want to have a business meeting with multiple attendees, you will need a platform that hosts a meeting room which the attendees can join. These apps usually provide features like a meeting room link or a meeting ID, multiple concurrent video streams, screen sharing, video recording, etc. For this purpose, Zoom, Google Meet or Whereby can be used.


If you want to have a casual chat with your friends or family, you will not require a lot of features but a fast and easy way to connect. Apps like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp fall into this category. They provide group video calls with fun features like filters and games.


If you are a business owner and want your customers to be able to start a direct video call to your business easily with 1-click, then 11Sight is the app for you. With a button that you can place into your website in under 5 minutes, you can start receiving calls from your customers and provide a 1-to-1 personal service virtually. Your customers do not need to download any applications, they will just click the button and video call you from within their browsers. You can also download and print your QR codes on your printed advertising so that your customers can video call you by just scanning them.


If you want to hop on a platform where you can attend a happy hour after a webinar and start networking with the attendees, you will have to wait. We are sure that platform is being built in a garage somewhere!


To experience 11Sight’s secure 1-to-1 video calls, get a one-month free trial here. You can also contact our team for further information.