How We Took the Quantum Leap! | LA Tribune Quantum Leap Forum

How We Took the Quantum Leap! | LA Tribune Quantum Leap Forum

Online events are the new reality of our lives. Sometimes we participate as listeners, sometimes as speakers. The Early Spring 2021 Pitch Global event in Southern California is the first of its kind, co-hosted with The Los Angeles Tribune.

It was a 2-day summit with powerful speakers, discussion, and an all-day pitch competition.

Aleks Gollu of 11Sight participated in the all-day pitch and came back with a prize!

We won the Best Startup Award and we are happy to share the thrill of this special achievement with you.

About Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Forum is an annual event presented by The Los Angeles Tribune. The previous event in 2020 had 20,000 visitors. The exposure is great and long-term partnerships are possible as well. This year’s event was live on ROKU TV and all syndicate partners. 2021’s online event was spread into 2 days with 7-hour sessions. Participants took the chance to join the world’s top speakers and pop culture icons as with a deep dive into how to take quantum leaps financially, mentally, relationally, spiritually, and physically.

We want to quote the beautiful words of Tina D. Lewis, summarizes the gist of the day:

“Take the leap. Jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down!

At the second day of Quantum Leap Forum, startups pitched to thousands. Here’s our pitch, presented by our CEO, Aleks Gollu.

11Sight’s Pitch: 

Announced by Axel Tillmann, we feel right proud of taking the first place as the Best Startup! 

Watch Axel Tillmann’s announcement here:

Join us to share the thrill!

7 Tips for Success in Video Conferences

7 Tips for Success in Video Conferences

“You’re muted” is the most commonly used phrase in 2020. But there’s more to a successful video conference than remembering to unmute yourself. And no, it’s not remembering to mute yourself either! Let’s take a look at 7 quick yet impactful tips from our video experts.

1. WFH in 2021

It might sound unnecessary to plan for a video conference right now. We have heard many people say “ If you’re coming to my house, you’ll see my house”. While this is a relevant argument that mostly stems from frustration due to working from home, we highly advise against leaving things up to luck. Know exactly how long you’ll need for the meeting and let everyone at home know they need to keep things quiet for that period. Keeping distractions to a minimum will help you focus on your work. Like Picasso said, “Without great solitude no serious work is possible”.

2. Curate Your Background

Another thing to prepare before a video meeting is your background.Contrary to popular belief virtual backgrounds are not the best way to melt the ice and start conversations in a video conference. In reality, the inorganic look of virtual backgrounds distract the participants and they seldom spark meaningful conversations. 

While there is no one way to do this, most effective backgrounds have 3 things in common: one object representing your interests, one object representing your work and one object representing your personality. 

Giving visual cues to participants will not only stimulate their minds to think about what your items are representing, but will also encourage them to engage in conversations surrounding these representations.

3. Test Your Devices

Now most people don’t know this, but you can wear headphones to a video conference. Joking aside, testing the devices you use for audio and video quality before a meeting can save you from the humiliation of being called out during a meeting for causing audio feedback. Some devices will have noise cancelling while some won’t. That’s why it’s important to test each device and know when to use headphones. As a rule of thumb, you should always default to using headphones though.

4. Test Your Video Software

Another thing to look out for is the video software you’re using. Each software will have its own audio and video settings, so if you’re using one for the first time it’s always a good idea to test it out before. Depending on your role in the meeting, you should also take the time to get acquainted with the capabilities available in that software like how to share the entire screen vs a single tab from a browser. Last thing you want is for your email notifications to keep popping up during a presentation.

5. Plan Ahead

Out of all the problems we’ve faced, this is probably the trickiest to deal with. Sometimes meetings run longer than they should and your entire schedule gets shifted or worse, you are late to an important meeting. The best way to deal with this is to plan ahead of time and set reminders for when the meeting is supposed to end.

Video conferencing tools like 11Sight have built in tools that show a countdown timer for every half hour, so you don’t lose track of time. However, if you don’t have access to a built-in tool like this you can always use a timer on your phone or watch to show you when your meeting is supposed to end. This gives you the ability to start wrapping things up 5-10 minutes before the end and schedule another time to meet if you have more things to work on. This is a powerful tool that helps you deal with uncertainty.

6. Still Late to Your Next Meeting?

In case you still end up being late to your next meeting, you should always have a plan for what you will do if that were to happen. Try this: have an informative email template handy. Before each meeting compose a new email to the attendees of your next meeting and paste the email template. When you know you won’t be able to make it on time to your next meeting, simply write down how long it will take you to get there and hit send. This way you can focus on finishing up your current meeting and save the apologies for later.

7. Assign Roles

Be it at school, at work or at court, role assignment is critical to the effectiveness of any virtual meeting. It gives each participant a common understanding of how the meeting will be structured, how long each party will speak for and how the order will be preserved. Every meeting must have a moderator that holds an invisible microphone. The moderator follows the meeting agenda and passes on the invisible microphone to the person that needs to speak. Now this is how things usually go, but we advise to limit the  time for this monotonous passing of the microphone. Best way to ensure a meeting is effective is to engage all the participants in a discussion every now and then so they too have a stake in the conversation and thus pay attention to what is being said.

How to Enhance Long Distance Customer Service Quality

How to Enhance Long Distance Customer Service Quality

Even long before the pandemic, customer care was done mostly on the phone or online. Most companies proxy to using chatbots to automate the process of customer service instead of receiving every call through a customer service representative. These chatbots can either complement other ticketing systems you use to keep the customers happy and solve all the problems they encounter. Or they can be used as a standalone system to give recommendations based on keywords regarding what knowledge the customer is trying to find. It’s obvious that automated chatbots are very helpful and eliminate the need for a crowded team of representatives.

However, in the process of automating things many companies lose the human connection that is needed to provide feedback to their design and improvement process. In this article we will focus on the human aspect of customer care and find out whether it’s worth investing in people rather than automated chatbots.

What Does Good Customer Service Look Like?

If you’ve taken any college courses in marketing you would know that the value proposition of a business may be based on three things: Product Quality, Brand Image and Customer Experience. No business will have all three of these figured out completely at one given time so most companies choose to focus on one or two.

For example, Amazon’s top priority is customer satisfaction and product quality is a close second, while Apple has a more balanced distribution with Product first and Customers a very close second. Apple’s value proposition suggests that the experience is the product, which means the two go hand in hand.

If your company like Amazon and Apple has customer experience in its focus, then automated chatbots may result in you being out of touch with your customers. You want to receive clear and insightful feedback from your customers.

If you plan on a design process based on continuous feedback and improvement, you obviously want to be able to hold face to face conversations with them. A 1 minute video conversation with a customer will motivate your team so much more than a well-written ticket.

That is exactly why Apple invested billions into building grandiose spaces where the apple community is welcomed to spend time in. But how can you replicate this success without billions of dollars or a physical location to welcome your customers and their feedback?

Long Distance Customer Service Done Right

Customer service is not rocket science, but you can certainly get lost in a sea of support tickets not knowing which one to prioritize and how to get sufficient information to fix the problem.

Sparing their valuable time to improve your product is a big ask for most customers. That’s why it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to give you feedback and make it count when they choose to do so. ou can use a 1-click video call software to start the conversation and make sure they are being heard once you are connected. 

You can let them know that the call is being recorded and that you will be able to see their screen if they are comfortable sharing it. You can also assure them that you can review any text or pictures they send through the chat to resolve the issue. Making them feel welcomed and heard is fundamental to good customer service, but you need to receive the necessary information to be able to resolve the problem to begin with. Revisiting the conversation you had with a customer is a powerful tool for getting back to them as soon as possible with a solution. And bonus points if you resolve the issue within the call. 

Using a 1-click video call software not only compliments your user experience by establishing instant face-to-face connections but also lets you leverage Video API technology to improve your brand image. You can engage your customers not through Zoom or Skype but with your own branded video call system. (To learn more about 1-click video call integration click here)

Data Privacy in Communication Platforms

Data Privacy in Communication Platforms

Data privacy has always been a sensitive issue but it’s never been this hot of a topic. We share every moment, every action through our devices with not just our friends and followers but also the social media companies and the companies that market on them.


What do we share really and how is this information used?

In reality we are oblivious to how much information we share with these companies. Information we share with our relatives, our internet searches, our likes on social platforms, what we follow, how much time did we take to look at a post (Yes Really!)… Each of these contain valuable information for marketers. What’s more is that we share information called “metadata” without even realizing it. This data can be stored on our devices and applications to be later used to show us the “most relevant” ads.


What’s been done until now?

As social media companies frequently change and update their privacy policies (which are very time consuming to read through), we have every right to be skeptical of their intentions. It is our right to demand and expect security for the communication channels we use in our daily and professional lives. Even though communication practices and governments take various measures to ensure our data security, the concept of “digital privacy” has only recently become a priority of most businesses. People have migrated towards secure applications and websites that ensure data privacy.

What went wrong with Whatsapp?

With increasing awareness on data privacy, the recent privacy update from Whatsapp caused people to search for alternatives and reminded us how much power Elon Musk’s words hold in our society. As a communication app, WhatsApp announced that if users do not agree to share their data with third parties and Facebook, they will not be able to use the app after a due date. 

But according to GDPR, personal data must be collected only for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes. It must be used lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner. Whatsapp’s actions were deemed controversial by many, because users who did not agree would be forced to delete the application.

The use of end-to-end encryption is common in communication applications such as Whatsapp. However, as Facebook spams privacy stories to users on Whatsapp it makes you question how much of your attention you are willing to give to one social media company.


What’s the alternative?

We saw some light at the end of the tunnel when we were presented some alternatives by techy millionaires. Signal and Telegram are seen as strong alternatives to Whatsapp, and they have a similar peer to peer structure where you can chat and call people you are already connected with. For small and medium businesses and enterprises, these tools have yet to be proven useful. For professionals looking to reliably, securely and easily connect with their customers and team members, there IS a suitable alternative.

A Secure, Reliable and Easy Tool for Businesses

11Sight guarantees your data privacy with end-to-end encryption that is related to all data you share. Meaning that, nobody else but you will be in the conversation, and NO metadata will be kept. Every statistical data we keep is available to you, we are transparent. Plus, only the data you share will be public to whom you share even if the audience you’re restricting is 11Sight itself. What’s more is that anyone can call you from a URL, button on your website or QR code. And don’t worry you can change the URL anytime you want. It’s like changing your phone number at no cost but instant.


If you want to learn more about communication that respects your privacy, just send us an e-mail at! Or try us out at

How to Maintain Order During Virtual Meetings

How to Maintain Order During Virtual Meetings

The most challenging part of having a virtual workforce is to carry the same meeting structure to the virtual meeting system. Your team members are more likely to get sidetracked with the absence of in-person contact and the amount of distractions every home offers. If you are having trouble keeping meetings productive and relevant, these things are what you may be missing. 

Minimizing Distractions

Distractions can be split into two categories: physical environment and virtual environment.

Distractions stemming from one’s physical surroundings may be one of the biggest reasons most companies had the ability to go fully remote but chose not to even before the pandemic.

It’s no secret that offices, fellow employees and being monitored increase productivity of a team. However, these distractions that can be found in every home can still be managed to a certain extent. Ask your team to turn off all electronics, create a clean and quiet workspace at their homes.

If like me you want to lead by example, you can tell your team what you do to achieve silence at home. If anyone else is home, I tell them I’m gonna have a meeting in 5 minutes and I tell them how long it’s going to go for. A very good way to tell them to be quiet without actually saying it.

Virtual distractions are much less erratic and usually a lot more systematic. We all have that person who doesn’t believe in wearing headphones and refuses to mute themselves.

If everything goes well they’ll realize people pausing between sentences and mute themselves. To protect your team’s productivity and sanity, ask everyone to wear headphones for the meetings and mute themselves if they’re not speaking.

Another helpful tip I’ve seen my own boss do is that he’ll ask people if there’s better packages or internet providers in their neighborhood. He also assures them that the company will reimburse for the switch to a better wifi connection. It is fundamental to make sure all team members have sufficient access to your meetings.

Most of the time, team members won’t speak up even if they miss parts of the conversation due to technical difficulties. To be able to tell when someone has a bad connection or lots of package loss, you can use 11Sight’s built-in network strength information that lets you see everyone’s connection strength.

Holding Employees Accountable

It is much much easier to fall through the cracks when you don’t have to dress up and show up physically at the office everyday. Make sure to set ground rules for your meetings. For example, “everyone must have their camera on at all times” should be a no-brainer. When you request this of your team members, some might be bitter because they feel like they’re being restricted. Therefore, it would be a good idea to preface it with a reminder that in physical meetings you can’t turn invisible and start slurping some Cheerios.

You need to hold employees accountable so everyone pays attention to what’s being said in the meetings. This is best accompanied by meetings that are well organized and precise. Give your team a clear structure for how the meeting is going to go while leaving room for spontaneous engagement.

Spontaneous engagement is the key that keeps team members listening even when it’s not their turn to speak. 11Sight’s vMeet makes it so much easier to measure engagement from each member with its speaker view and timers.


Overall, decreasing distractions and increasing accountability will help you simulate the productive environment of a physical office while maintaining the flexibility of a virtual workforce. 

Tools like 11Sight can help you achieve and measure productive and organized meetings.


All-Virtual Offices in the Future

All-Virtual Offices in the Future

In 2020, we passed through a period when the whole world tried and adapted itself to the digital and virtual environment. With this period, there were some noticeable changes in the business models. By moving business meetings and office life into the online platforms, the remote working model has become widespread. This model provides several advantages to the businesses, for instance, flexibility. Besides the positive aspects of this process, businesses and employers have begun to seek various solutions for the adaptation process.

Online Employment

We are in a period where unemployed people take the advantage of brand new opportunities, with the start of the remote working process.
It offers us a work life away from many factors that cause us stress, such as spending a lot of money in offices, waking up too early, wasting time in traffic and public transportation.

Employment will no longer be a problem for you if the place of residence is far from your dream job. Because, with the transfer of offices to the virtual world, businesses and employees will be able to easily reach their target and criteria.

With the elimination of the distance limit, employment opportunities for disabled individuals will increase significantly. Thus, everyone will most likely have a job that suits their competencies even while they are sitting at home.

The Importance of Video Conferencing

   With the widespread use of video conferencing, businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of the effectiveness, competence, and quality of online tools.

Features such as note-taking during meetings, conference rooms, personal digital offices, and reporting have become the most sought-after features in online multiple call channels such as video conferencing.

In addition, it is important to be in contact in order to have effective communication and to keep the motivation of the employees high and powerful. But this balance must be well established. Too long meetings will not be very fruitful for our mental health.

With the advantages of 11Sight, you will not lose your productivity and energy while feeling physically in the office during your meetings while remote working. Get more information about our products at: