Video Interaction For Business Is Our Focus

by | Aug 18, 2017 | About Us

Video has changed our lives in the last 15 years. We are watching more and more videos for entertainment, latest news, to learn new things, and to fix and repair what we have. The scope of it is staggering and very profitable for those who are creating contents and those who are providing the platforms.

Interestingly, in the last few years, interests are swelling for live videos and streaming and in our daily lives we are using videos increasingly for talking to our family, friends and colleagues. I am using video communications to talk to my parents who live in Berkeley, my son in Michigan, my colleagues around the globe. Why? Because seeing is much more than just hearing! And I think we all agree that chat just doesn’t do it. I am pretty sure that you all are using or have started to use video for your personal communications.

In contrast, we don’t see this in the business world; we don’t see video chat enabled for even sales support, let alone customer support! Why? Though cost might be a reason, I think it is more fear of unknown! Questions that we have heard covers concerns about technology, ease of use, robustness to whether their customers are willing to use video to communicate with them and what happens if too many people call.

Valid concerns. We at 11Sight have built a platform that is robust, scalable and very easy to use. On the question of cost, our service is inexpensive. Still, video interaction means that you need to respond to inquiries. We have heard and witnessed over and over that video interaction brings customers to buy resolution faster than just chatting, browsing, or voice call alone. When a customer sees you and sees what you are selling or supporting, it creates the confidence that your business cares for its customers.

11Sight is focused on providing a video platform that responds to the concerns of our business customers. Let us know how we can improve.

Farokh Eskafi, CTO