3 Best Security Gifts for All Time Use

3 Best Security Gifts for All Time Use

Another year with ups and downs is almost over. What about buying a New Year gift to help protect your loved ones from the ever-increasing malware? Here are some suggestions from Tech Crunch Gift Guide.

It doesn’t have to be a gift for some special day; these gift ideas are useful at any time of the year.


Cam Cover

Webcam-cover-sticker Surveillance-focused malware, can infect computers and switch on your webcam without permission. The computer webcams of today have a small indicator light to Show when it’s active; yet some people may still have concerns. These webcam covers enable you to block your camera in the first place and prevent any malware from reaching. This simple solution is very easy to use; plus you can support local businesses or non-profits by purchasing one.

Price: from $5 – $10.


Microphone Blocker

Microphone blocker plugLike webcams, microphones need to be covered from hackers. Microphone blockers contain a semiconductor that tricks your device as if it’s a working microphone, when in fact it’s not able to pick up any audio. If anyone hacks your device, what they’ll get is absolute silence.


Price: $6.99 – $16.99.


A privacy screen for your computer or phone

Privacy screenHave you ever read someone’s private messages or documents without intention? Same might be happening to others, with your messages. It’s called “visual-hacking”. These privacy screens make your screen almost impossible to be seen by the people next to you. These screens are available for all kinds of displays.


Price: from about $17.


These small gifts can make your loved ones happy any time. Let us know about which one you like the most! If you have privacy concerns while using internet, use 11Sight for one-click video chat. Because 11Sight uses advanced end-to-end encryption Technologies to keep your data safe.





11Sight for the Automotive Industry

11Sight for the Automotive Industry

Digitalization, increasing automation and the introduction of new business models have triggered each other and changed the automotive industry in recent years. Today it is a crystal-clear fact that companies must adapt to the new environment.

According to Zigurat Business School; by 2020, growing digitalization and advancements in technology will have increased the automotive industry investments to $82 billion. The automotive industry is adapting very fast to the digitalizing World and enhancing customer experience when researching, purchasing and operating a car. 11Sight can be integrated into each of these processes by its ease of use, flexibility, high-quality service and security.

In this emerging era of digitalization, our society wants everything to be approachable in just a single click or within arm’s reach. The way people communicate has evolved from offline methods into smartphones and now consumers want even something greater. Most of the industries including automotive are going towards the era of digitalization bringing new insights to the market. “Car buyer of the Future” study made by Google shows that consumers want change in the car-buying process. It identifies key areas where consumer demand is influencing rapid change as the shopping process, the buying & the ownership process where the industry should focus on making improvements.

By the emergence of such trends, “Digitalization” has turned out to be a greater aspect of the business world with its wide impact and people have started to mention it as “The Act of Digitalization”. The Act of Digitalization aims to discuss the viable solutions like bringing customer awareness, educate the customers in technical aspects & some practices to promote the usage of digital methods in the purchasing process. The automotive industry is influenced by this act in a way that digital technologies are being adapted so fast. 11Sight is one of these technologies by making the purchasing/renting process and customer services available with 1-click on every platform. Video calls can be integrated into every touchpoint to enhance the customer’s experience.

11Sight helps dealerships, customer service providers and rental firms by giving an opportunity to be accessible for each and every customer. Give us a 1-click call to get more information about how we can integrate our technology into your business.







11Sight for the Hearing Impaired

11Sight for the Hearing Impaired

Communication has gone far in the era we’re living; voice and video calls are integrated into many areas of our lives. High quality customer services should be available for every customer, including 360 million hearing-impaired people.  You can use 11Sight to provide effortless 1-1 video chat and texting for handicapped people. Be it customer services or routine interview; 11Sight can make it easier for corporate communication.

Who can use 11Sight for the hearing-impaired?

  1. Customer Services

Awareness towards handicapped people is a social fact to be discussed. Everywhere around the world, thousands of companies direct their customers to their phone lines to provide customer services because replying mails personally can be hard for companies. Thus, they usually miss out what their customers say. But if your customers cannot hear you, would it be possible to reach them through phone lines? With a simple button, you can reach 360 million hearing-impaired people and provide the service they are searching for, by video chat and texting.

  1. Medical Doctors


If you are a doctor, communicating with your patients is crucial. When it comes to the hearing-impaired people, all you need to do is integrating 11Sight to your website to let your patients call and text you with 1-click. Make the pre-interview using sign language or by texting, whenever and wherever you want. Thus, you can provide high quality service for your patients and solve their problems faster.


  1. Rehabilitation Centers

Handicapped people may sometimes feel they are being excluded from the society because of their disabilities and have self-confidence issues. You can provide service and support for the handicapped people with 1-click only.


Of course, this is not all! 11Sight is available on every platform and it can be personalized for all businesses. Tell us what you do so that we can provide you a 1-click solution. Contact us now!

Read more of our blog to discover how we can help and why you should prefer 11Sight. See you soon!



How to Become a More Successful Realtor in 2020

How to Become a More Successful Realtor in 2020

Today’s customers can’t do without having every information they can reach when buying something. That’s the case for every product starting from self-care products to real estate. But selling houses can be hard for many reasons. First constraint is time. You need to schedule people according to the free time of both sides. Secondly, the information and photos you post online are not always sufficient because the buyer behavior is changing constantly. As a realtor, to communicate the “soul” of the house you’re selling, without having the buyers come, you can choose to let them call you on video with 1-click. 11Sight makes real estate agencies reachable from every platform, without any downloads and subscriptions.


The Digital Transformation trend has shown itself in all aspects of marketing and customer service. When it comes to real estate, customers are pickier than ever because they are internet-savvy and know where to find information. According to National Association of Realtors, more than 50% of homebuyers have found their homes through the internet in 2019. To become a successful realtor in 2020, here are some things to keep in mind:

Real estate buyers and sellers will continue using new technologies.

Both during the sales process and inside the house, new technologies are being invented. There’s an increasing demand for Internet of Things products in houses.

Online platforms, apps, social media and smart home technology are being used.

The sales process is digitalizing. Customers love it when they don’t need extra effort to buy something. When it comes to buying houses, the process starts at the search engine; searching the neighborhood, the prices or just the quality of an appliance customers see in the house. Make it even easier for customers; let them call you with 1-click and get involved personally.


AI is becoming a major player in real estate.

AI is becoming a major player in almost every industry. AI-powered tools draw attention and provide better experience for customers.


Omnichannel applications draw more attention than you think.

Once you get to know a customer, reach them from every channel you can. Start the communication on the web and social media and continue face-to-face. Send messages or e-mails to remind milestones in the process. They may seem to be idle at first, but these methods really work!


Home services are changing too. Maybe in the future, there will be special devices to call the house owner or the realtor with 1-click to show a problem that needs to be solved about the house.


Tell us your opinion about the future of real estate technologies, give us a call or send a message to say hi!