Take Customer Service to the Next Level with 11Sight!

  1. Building a personal relationship with your customer

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realized it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

The value of customer interaction and satisfaction is higher than ever. This is not only proven by the good old saying: The customer is our King! Also, many of the most outstanding entrepreneurs of our days have shared their views on Customer Service.

Amongst them, Steve Jobs’ approach seems to be one of the most revolutionary insights into human behavioral psychology. His message is, that some of your customers may not even know what they want! So, it is your responsibility as a business to provide adequate and appealing offers to your customers. But how can you accomplish this? According to Jobs, by getting closer than ever to your customers. But then, how do you accomplish getting closer than ever? You have to build a personal relationship with your customers…

  1. Providing instant support

ford-uses-11sight-button-websiteOne very comfortable way of achieving that goal is by implementing the 11-Button onto your website. 11Sight offers the ideal solution to improve your customer interaction and satisfaction! If you have ever considered integrating video chat into your business, we are your ideal partner. We know that body language makes up to 60% of a conversation. Beside from having a real-life conversation, video chat is the realest and most authentic way of communication.

Our One-Click Call Button makes it very easy and convenient for your customers to reach out to you with a video call. The only thing your clients will have to do is to click a button and suddenly a video chat starts in their browser and your customer representatives will be able to respond either on their smart phones with the installed 11Sight application or on their browser in order to answer all of your customers’ questions. It also is an easy way to attract new customers and build instant trust.

  1. Learning from your customers’ complaints:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates

Customer Satisfaction is one of the top priorities in running a business. Don’t let unhappy customers fill out long forms in order to get in touch with you. By having a video call, your representative can see the customer and vice versa, which helps a lot in order to calm down (potentially) angry callers. Whereas, waiting in long lines with automated calls is rather suboptimal and unpleasant and will ultimately lead to the loss of a client! Furthermore, according to Bill Gates, it is crucial to learn from your unhappy customers. On a video call, customers can show live on camera, what may be wrong with their product and you can provide instant support. In addition to that the practical “take a picture” function of a 11Sight Video Call enables you to take high quality pictures and save them in your call history, in case you need those photos again later. During the call, your customer representative can take notes in the chat function and save them for later. This makes it a lot easier to understand your customers and their concerns, which will ultimately lead to a better product and higher customer satisfaction if the errors committed and complained about are not repeated!

To conclude there are three key points on how to take Customer Service to the next level: firstly, by building a personal relationship with your customer, secondly, by providing instant support and last but not least, by learning from your customers’ complaints. It is evident that customer support and service play a huge role in running a successful business as the statements of many unbelievably smart entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates indicate. It is not exaggerated to say that customer interaction is the fundamental of a successful business! Without customer interaction, service and attention, there are no customers and without customers there is no business.


11Sight and Others

11Sight and Others

Video calls have made it possible to see the ones we love even if they are far away. Video chat is now integrated to almost every device and it’s preferred by local and international brands. 11Sight has become a popular 1-1 video solution for many enterprises. But what makes it so good? We have compared some other 1-1 applications with 11Sight, let’s go on and see why people prefer 11Sight.




Let’s mention the applications which were originally designed for individual use, but also being used by some enterprises. WhatsApp and FaceTime, can be considered as Fundamentals of individual video chat. FaceTime is one of the built-in applications of Apple devices and operates only amongst Apple devices. WhatsApp has recently created WhatsApp Business for small enterprises. It allows small business owners to manage quick replies and automated messages, but you can only have one account per device. Besides, giving Access to other employees can be problematic. This solution can be beneficial for small enterprises; but 11Sight steps forward with high-quality service for enterprises regardless of their size.


Skype, which is appropriate for both individual and corporate use, might look beneficial. But the hardship of Skype is that both parties must become members and have the application downloaded. Moreover, it doesn’t work from browsers and you may face unexpected costs.


You have probably heard Intercom, which works with corporate clients only. It might be a useful software, but you are entrusting your customers to robots. Video replies are integrated to its system but the thing is; you can only send a pre-recorded video as the first message. Besides, if there’s a connection problem, your message might not be delivered and the customer might leave the website.


Services like Whereby and SightCall provide fast interaction with customers but these services have very expensive plans.


11Sight is an all-in-one affordable video interaction platform. 11Sight provides HD-quality calls on every platform (web browser, mobile browser and application). You can make personalization to represent your company’s identity. Reach the professional service anytime, anywhere with 11Sight.


The best part of 11Sight is that, customers who’d like to reach the reach the representatives of a company will not need to download any applications and there’s no need to sign up as a caller. Customers will reach the companies with one-click via the button / link on the website, application or message. If the caller needs further information, callee can share their screen simultaneously or send ready documents without leaving 11Sight platform.


Click to request a demo and experience all that have been said on your own. Do not forget to visit 11Sight.com for more!


Video Call Era in Real Estate

Video Call Era in Real Estate

With the arising technology and easy access to internet, it’s been easier to reach customers but harder to sell products, because customers are so much aware of the alternatives. It’s the same case for real estate. To stand out amongst others, a successful realtor must use the technology actively and efficiently.

Traditional real estate methods have fallen behind. Customers want to see the property in detail but they usually don’t have time. Agents choose to make videos about the property or they choose cold-calling. “Cold-video-calling” helps real estate agents to highlight the positive attributes of a property available for sale. There’s no need to put too much effort and waste time. Plus, according to Mashable, 73% of homeowners say they would prefer an agent who makes video calls. Cold-calling stands for pre-planned calls. It enhances the interaction between a possible buyer and a seller. It allows sharing personal interests or details about the property and following-up. Since it’s a critical connection point between the buyer and the seller, it must be done with a good infrastructure. Video/voice quality, uninterrupted connection and ease of use are vital for the real estate selling process. 11Sight comes right at this point and provides professional infrastructure for video calls. 11Sight offers one-click video chat without any downloads or a subscription. This is what makes it preferred around the world. Thanks to video calls, your customers will be able to see the property in detail, not only a small part. Plus, you can show the neighborhood live and win their confidence.

Video calling in real estate

If you’re afraid to make a mistake during the call, here’s some good news for you! Video consumers prefer authentic and natural presentations rather than over-polished and unnatural ones. It’s time to try 11Sight for a professional video call experience.

Video calls in real estate minifies the travel expenses and time consumption. This is a profitable situation for both parts and it’s becoming more popular over time. Thanks to video calls, real estate agents can give instant answers to all kinds of questions coming from the customers. This helps turning leads into closings. Since video chat is an attractive way to market a property, most customers who try it say they would use this service again.

Bring a new impulse to real estate sales and try 11Sight. Keep in touch to discover applications of 11Sight in real estate and more areas of usage! Visit us to see our offers. Hope to see you soon…

Türkiye’de Otomotiv Sektörü Dijitalleşiyor

Türkiye’de Otomotiv Sektörü Dijitalleşiyor


The automotive industry is becoming majorly digitized and controversial. According to IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide, money spent on digital transformation worldwide will exceed $2.1 billion by 2021. If this be so, the automotive market will grow by 17.9% compound annual growth rate. Let’s see what the digitized auto industry can bring…

Automotive Industry is Participating the Digitalization Trend

New research shows that by 2020, growing digitalization and advancements in technology will have increased the automotive industry investments to $82 billion (Forbes). Automotive dealers have understood that they must digitally enhance the experiences of customers. Because customer behavior in researching, purchasing and operating cars have changed substantially. They are more likely to research and buy online. This situation affected the market very quick; dealers and producers have already started to find solutions to meet their customers’ demands. There are 6 major categories of digital transformation trend in automotive:

  1. Digital sources in car buying process
  2. Autonomous driving
  3. Predictive maintenance
  4. Connected supply chain and improved manufacturing
  5. Data security and protection
  6. Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS)

Car Buying Process is Becoming More Digital

The process of buying a car and car parts was stressful and time-consuming for customers. Because they would go to different showrooms and negotiate with the dealers one by one. Knowing the necessity of digitalization, the process is soon to change. 11Sight can help at this point. 11Sight allows customers to start instant 1-1 video chat with the dealer representative. a simple link or QR code. The best part is there’s no need for any download or subscription. So when they are searching online, they will also have completed the negotiation step.
The US automotive industry affects the people both inside and outside the US.

If the auto industry in the USA downfalls, it will have a great impact on people and sectors which depend on American auto technologies.

“The US auto market is becoming more digital. Analysts predict that over $7.4 billion worth of car parts and accessories will be sold using mobile phones in 2019. The figure reported in 2018 was just $5.8 billion. By 2022, smartphone sales are projected to hit the $13-billion mark.” (Carsurance)

The path to transformation will vary in different markets. But one thing is consistent: Those able to install new business models based on consumer input will benefit the most of talent, partners and resources. Once companies implement this kind of strategy, they will be able to go far ahead from their competitors and become industry leaders.

We are thrilled for the future of auto industry and proud to be a part of it. What do you think? Stay tuned to find out what you can do with 11Sight! Click here now for a free trial. See you soon!



Daha önceki yazımızda da bahsettiğimiz gibi dünya genelinde oldukça popüler hale gelen Dijital Dönüşüm, otomotiv sektörü üzerinde de etkilerini gösteriyor. Bu yazımızda ise özellikle Türkiye’de sektörün dijitalleşme süreci nasıl ilerliyor, dijitalleşmek için ne yapılabilir gibi sorulara cevap vereceğiz.

Türkiye’de dijital dönüşüm konusunda daha doğru adımlar atılması için birçok bilgilendirici etkinlik düzenleniyor. Bunlardan biri olan Vodafone ve ODD iş birliğiyle düzenlenen Dijital Dönüşüm Konferansı Bilgilendirme Toplantısı’na Türkiye’den 61 otomotiv şirketi katıldı. Yapılan Dijitalleşme Endeksi’ne göre otomotiv sektörünün puanı sadece 50. Bu puanın yükselmesi için sektörde dijitalleşme trendinin yakalanması gerektiğine dikkat çekildi. Konferansta paylaşılan bilgilere göre dijitalleşmeye yatırılan her 1 TL, 3,8 TL olarak geri dönüyor.

Dünya’da marka değeri en yüksek 30 şirketin 14’ü platform tabanlı. Buna ek olarak dijital Ekonomi GSMH’den daha hızlı büyüyor. 2000’den bu yana Fortune 500’deki şirketlerin yüzde 52’si dijitalleşme trendini yakalayamadığı için artık listede değil. Hal böyleyken Türkiye otomotiv sektörünün dijital dönüşümü sağlayabilmesi için şirketlerin tedarik zinciri, Ar-Ge, bilgi teknolojileri (BT) ve müşteri destek gibi departmanlarında süreçleri dijitalleştirmesi gerekiyor.

Dijitalleşmek için özellikle üretim kısmında Internet of Things (IoT) kavramının uygulamaları yapılması süreci hem hızlandırıyor hem de hata oranını azaltıyor. IDC Dünya Çapında Nesnelerin İnterneti Harcama Rehberi’ne göre üretim operasyonu, dünya çapında 85,7 milyar USD’lik pazar büyüklüğü ile nesnelerin interneti alanında en büyük kullanım alanına sahip. (Dünya Gazetesi)

Tüketiciler de değişiyor…

Değişen tüketici tercihleri dijital dönüşüm için zorlayıcı olabilir ama aynı zamanda iyi bir fırsat. IDC raporuna göre otomobil tüketicileri artık spesifik özelliklere, stile ve performansa daha fazla dikkat ediyor. Bu durumda Orijinal Parça Üreticileri’nin (OEM) bu ihtiyaca standart model özelliklerinin üzerinde opsiyonel donanımları artırarak cevap verdikleri belirtiliyor. Raporda otomotiv endüstrisi perakende alanında da nihai tüketiciye ulaşırken dijital dönüşümü en önemli gereklilikler arasında sayıyor. Endüstrinin müşteri deneyimleri ve talepleri üzerinden şekillendiği ise sektörde olan herkesin gözle görebileceği bir gerçek. 11Sight tam da bu noktada anında 1-1 görüntülü görüşme sayesinde çok yararlı bir çözüm sunuyor. Araç satıcıları 11Sight sayesinde web sitesine gelen kullanıcılarına satış noktasındaki temsilciyle bağlantı sağlıyor. Böylece tüketiciler galeriye gelmeden almayı düşündükleri araçla ilgili tüm sorularını sorabiliyor ve aracı canlı olarak görebiliyorlar.

Dijital dönüşüm için izlenen yollar her şirket için farklı olsa da bir şey hep aynı: Müşteri ihtiyaç ve isteklerine göre değişen yeni iş modellerini uygulayabilen şirketler bunun avantajlarından yararlanırken diğerleri geride kalacak.

Dijital dönüşümün nasıl, ne hızla gelişeceğini hep birlikte göreceğiz. Bu arada biz farklı içeriklerle hep burada olacağız! Siz de 11Sight ile yapabileceklerinizi öğrenmek için takipte kalın! Bir teklif almak için hemen tıklayın. Yakında görüşmek üzere![:]