Hello World!

11Sight has been around for over a year, it is fair to say we were trying to stay under the radar.
With a solution in production, a happy user base, many a video testimonial, we felt it is time to come out and start talking about ourselves…

We provide video communication solutions to businesses that result in more sales and happier customers.

That is the one liner. To get into a bit more detail…

The texting solutions (Yahoo IM, WhatsApp, …) we have been using in personal communication had to mature for business communication. Today many a web site features a “chat with us” or “talk to us” capability for pre and post sales support. This evolution has been similar to the old phone lines, there is a difference between calling an individual on a direct line, or calling a business on their “800” or main line to get to the right person.

Today, most of us use video in personal communication. We think video is undergoing a similar maturing process, to be valuable and relevant for businesses. Already, there are about a dozen providers fighting for video-conferencing solutions market.

11Sight provides a video communication solution platform, focused on 1 to 1 communication between businesses and their customers for pre and post sales support, thus increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction.

As for our name 1 to 1 Sight, the moment we wrote it down, we read it as elevensight.

Our solution is as simple as dropping a call button on your web site (an 11-Button), or adding a business profile link (an 11-link) to your e-mail signature. A single click on a web link results in a video call (an 11 Call), with no downloads, or no friending on the callers’ side. Our subscribers get an application to answer incoming calls.

In a first blog, we cannot get into all the details of our platform capabilities (sure we support chat, we provide an SDK, we have many a configuration option…) but our main aim has been to be a SOLUTION both for our subscribers and their customers.

Nor can we cover all the do’s and do not’s of video support. Clearly, you will not be able to have five people in one room, video-chatting with four customers simultaneously…

But we can tell you that our car dealership subscribers are converting their web site visitors, into qualified customers as their customers click on the 11-Button. We’ll let Alfredo from Hilltop Motor Groups tell you more about it in this 2 minute video.

In the coming days and years, you’ll hear from many of us. We’ll talk about;

  • Our take on how video communication solution platforms should be structured
  • The evolution of SIP and WebRTC standards, who complies with it, who only claims to
  • Best practices for pre and post support with video
  • Testimonials from our subscribers
  • Updates on our releases

Happy 11ing!
Aleks Gollu, CEO